About H2-GO - Specialist Hydroblasting - Retexturing and Line Removal Services

About H2go

H2-GO was formed in 2006 specialising in hydroblasting road marking removal and surface preparation. It is an integral division of the Jack Coupe & Sons Limited group of companies, the No 1 independent road marking contractor in the UK.

What is hydroblasting?

Hydroblasting is the latest technology for road marking removal. Road markings are removed from the road surface with directed water jets of up to 40,000 p.s.i on a rotating spray bar. A captive vacuum recovery system removes all waste materials and surplus water, and a remote tractor unit ensures maximum versatility at road level.

Only clean, cold water, filtered to one micron, is used in the blasting process with the pressure being regulated to suit the surface and the material being removed. 

Why hydroblast?

The H2-GO hydroblaster combines all of the benefits of hydroblasting within one self-contained vehicle.

Hydroblasting is the most environmental friendly and safest method of road marking removal. Many of the health and safety concerns which surround traditional road marking removal methods are eliminated. 

Hydroblasting is pedestrian and vehicle friendly and ideal for use in sensitive or controlled environments with no smoke, fumes or airborne particles generated. All recovered debris is retained inside a biodegradable filter bag, with recovered waste water filtered to 100 microns before off-site disposal. Recovered debris is discharged in a dry state.

In comparison to traditional forms of removal, hydroblasting removes markings at significantly lower noise levels. The H2-GO hydroblaster operates between 85dB and 90dB compared to a hot compressed air lance which operates between 115-125dB. A mechanical scabbler operates between 102-105dB, and only partial removal of markings can be achieved without damaging the wearing course of the surface. Thermoplastic material remains with the surface voids along with a shadow of the marking. However, during hydroblasting the needle sharp water jets penetrate the voids removing up to 95% of thermoplastic material. 

In addition to being more environmentally-friendly and safer than traditional removal methods, hydroblasting is quicker than any other form of total removal. In optimum conditions on trunk roads, hydroblasting can remove up to 200m2 of thermoplastic in one shift with a single blasting head. Working hours, surface quality, line width and thickness are variables which influence output.

The speed of the H2-GO hydroblaster enables markings to be removed to allow for re-design of road layouts and removal to take place within short working windows, ideal for work on busy or trunk roads.  The operational speed of the H2-GO hydroblaster ensures minimal disruption and congestion for traffic and allows the public to continue their activities in the surrounding area.

What can H2-GO hydroblasting machines remove?

  • Thermoplastic
  • Paint
  • Rubber
  • Concrete curing agent
  • Oil, grease and fuel stains
  • Almost anything from asphalt, concrete and block paving

H2-GO for re-texturing surfaces

H2-GO can also offer retexturing of asphalt surfaces in order to restore skid resistance and texture depths to desired levels.

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