The Benefits and Advantages of using H2-GO's Hydroblasting Services

Why H2-Go?

No other system offers the same level of versatility and performance in its capabilities and benefits... our system being extremely advantageous for our clients in so many ways;

What our Hydroblasting can achieve

Make the most of your budget with our low cost and cost effective process

Easily re-texturise asphalt surfaces to desired standards

Restore skid resistance and texture depths to specified levels

Remove excess bitumen from ‘fatted-up’ surfaces both old or new

Reduce the risk of wet skid crashes 

Little to no damage to road and pavement surfaces

Increases skid resistance by exposing the microtexture

Exposes the aggregate to restore the macrotexture

Extends the operational life of the existing surfaces, particularly surface dressed and SMA surfaced roads... at minimal cost in comparison to resurfacing

Retexturing helps reduce road traffic accidents and costly litigation

Allows low early life skid resistance issues to be eliminated

Environmental Advantages

The most advanced and environmentally-friendly option for road marking removal

The low environmental impact option for road marking removal

No fumes, smoke or surface debris... and uses just water!

Quick, clean and quieter than traditional methods

This single step process needs no secondary clean-up

Waste water is filtered to 100 microns before disposal

Patented vacuum recovery system leaves the road clean and almost dry

All waste is vacuumed recovered and stored until it can be safely disposed

Our process helps clients meet carbon footprint targets and obligations

What our Hydroblasting can remove

Removes thermoplastic, paint, rubber, concrete curing agents, oil, grease and fuel stains

Removes all types of UK road markings from concrete and asphalt safely and quietly

Has the ability to remove markings from asphalt, concrete and block paving with minimal damage the surface

Its flexibility allows it to be used on surfaces other than roads, car parks and other traffic movement areas

Highly effective in assisting in cosmetic improvements to urban areas by the removal of chewing gum, paint and other defacing materials from pavement areas

Will also remove a range of other materials including some anti-skid and surface applications

Operational advantages

The width of surface treatment is fully adjustable up to 700mm width in one pass

The self-contained unit has no need for men on foot during the removal process

It can be operated in areas of sensitivity such as food production and storage, airfields, in the presence of volatile substances... and in crowded public areas

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